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: Happy New Year

January 1 2010

Here's just a quick update to all Pants visitors — I hope you all had a merry Christmas and are enjoying the start to the new year.

2009 has been a slow year for the Pants site but 2010 will see a lot of interesting changes. The entire site will get a hefty redesign and is being built to accomodate better image galleries, a commenting system and a bunch of other neat stuff.

Once the new site is running smoothly I'll then start catching up on all the events & image galleries I've been a bit slow to upload for the past *cough* couple of years... Unfortunately the structure and layout for the current website hasn't really been suited to displaying higher-resolution photos, which is a big reason for the redesign.

If anyone has any requests or suggestions for what they'd like to see on the new Pants website, feel free to contribute ideas on the forum or drop me a line directly here.

And although you don't even know who I am (nor can you, because you're not an actual person), I hope you had a happy 10th birthday today millennium bug.

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