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: Big Day Out 2004

February 7 2004

Big Day Out time rolls around for another year. The lineup this year was quite impressive to me, particularly since I've been a huge Metallica fan for about 8 years now... This has been the third BDO I've experienced, and without fail it's also the third time I've had multiple random strangers walk up to me in a day offering me some form of recreational drug. The potheads are far more generous at the BDO than they seem to be for any other day of the year, yet they still look puzzled when I politely refuse...

Throughout the day I met many new people (including about 5 Woolworths employees), and my friends were also introduced to the one-and-only Mr. Tight, as well as my Japanese exchange-student friend, Itsa Sony.

Here's a rundown of the acts me & my friends went to see together during the day:
Skulker, The Sleepy Jackson, Nude Aerobics (woo!), The Darkness, The Datsuns, Gerling, Something For Kate, The Dandy Warhols, Muse, The Mars Volta, Aphex Twin & The Strokes. Now here's about the time when things get bitchy...

Despite often touting musical tolerance across all genres, my so-called friends felt it necessary to make fun of my appreciation of Metallica throughout the day. To my amazement (considering their own musical tastes), they actually have more of a problem with me liking Metallica than they complain about me liking Britney Spears' music. Anyway, as all good friends do every now and then, they completely left me stranded when Metallica's set came around, leaving me to fend for myself in the big, heavy-people'd mosh pit. Somehow I managed to migrate right to the front-barrier, getting a great (albeit rib-crunching) view of the set.

Although my initial thoughts on their latest album weren't the best, I must say that the St. Anger songs played live were much better than from the studio release. This was the first time I had seen new recruit bassist Robert Trujillo in action, and he does have much more stage present than the sombre Newsted had on the DVDs I own. James Hetfield really looked like he was enjoying himself up there, having fun with the crowd and giving it his all vocally. Lars did his great stuff on the drums and as always, his trademark facials came along for the ride as well. Kirk Hammett was amazing with his guitar solos - my spot on the front-barrier was where he hung out for most of the songs, and I was so amazed by his work...

Aside from St. Anger, all of their other songs were from 1991's Black album back to their very first album. My Metallica album-era preferences don't exactly match up with what albums they played from, but by no means were any of the songs foreign to me. If I didn't know the words, I still knew when to bang my head. By the end of the set (and even a few hours after I got home), the fingers on my right hand were still semi-permanently stuck in the dude position.

Bitchiness and friendship reconsiderations aside, I had a great time all alone in the sea of hundreds of Metallicats, and my friends (after continuing to bad-mouth Metallica even when I wasn't around) went on to see the good Flaming Lips set which I caught the end of after Metallica finished. From what I heard of the Lips (and then later when I checked out their latest album), I didn't mind the Flaming Lips, but there is no way I would trade the 2-hour Metallica performance for anything. To my friends' credit, despite them being complete assholes, I did get an apple & blackcurrent Calippo for my troubles, so I'm not pissed off at being deserted. :)

Definitely the best Big Day Out of my three so far, beating out the Foo Fighters from last year (even with my friends by my side!), which I think says a lot about this year's event.

I'll be back next year. I can't wait.

: SBS is cool

February 7 2004

This was originally just going to be a short update on the Big Day Out but I've been inspired recently by some stuff shown on SBS TV. Some highlights:

Get Ready To Be Boyzvoiced
One or two weeks ago, SBS aired this movie which is sort of a music mockumentary along the lines of Spinal Tap, only it followed the lives of a fictional Norwegian boy band called Boyzvoice.

It was quite a funny film, taking a stab at that musical genre, the group's arrogant manager/producer, the naive and brainwashed fans, and the general lack of talent that most pop artists have.

The Superbowl
Every year as a tradition I watch the Superbowl on SBS. I don't really know why; I don't follow the sport any other time of the year plus after 4 or 5 'Bowls (plus many attempts at Madden NFL), I still don't even understand how American football is played.

Something noteworthy (Pantsworthy?) happened during the half-time show this year, as you may have seen already. Our good friend Justin Timberlake (generously described as a "slut" in the last Pants update) decided to expose Janet Jackson's breast during their performance of Rock Your Body in the intermission.

First he defiles the talented Ms. Mrs. Ms. Spears, sending her on a path that spiralled so very close to Hacksville (population: Madonna), and now he does this!?! I'm not that fussed though because to his credit, he did try to blame it all on a "wardrobe malfunction". Slick move JT; so long as you leaves Britney alone, you'll be fine...

Iron Chef
Tight has mentioned this previously but it needs repeating over and over again...: This show kicks ass.

What is it, you ask? Just briefly, there's an eccentric yellow-capsicum-eating billionaire (Chairman Kaga) who's spent a lot of money building a Kitchen Stadium for his 4 Iron Chefs to create the finest tasting meals on the planet, whilst competing with any master chef or restaurant who challenges them.

The show is presented much like a sports telecast, with play-by-plays, matchups and instant replays. A few of those Iron Chefs are brilliant (but also downright scary), particularily Iron Chef of Chinese cuisine Chen Kenichi (the yellow guy with the cleaver) and my favourite, Iron Chef French cuisine, Hiroyuki Sakai (the scary dude in red, who's always holding his super secret weapon - a pear). I have nightmares about this guy...

I urge everyone to at least watch one episode - despite my specific disgust for practically every kind of food known to man, I absolutely love this japanese quasi-cooking show. And you might too... :)
It airs on SBS every Saturday at 7:30pm. Be there.

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