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: Clipsal 500 2008 - Day 4

February 24 2008

Day 4, the final day of the Clipsal 500. The race today was won by Ford's Jamie Whincup, who selfishly won the Saturday race as well. It's only fitting that my photo of the day features him:

Year after year the Clipsal 500 is becoming increasingly popular — the 2008 attendance figures were a record-smashing 290,000+ over the four days. It's not surprising to see why it is so big though, because every year there are improvements and more things to see like the super-expensive supercar display & the XXXX Angels. They've even got those snack vans that sell the strawberries & pancakes that some folks can never seem to find at the Big Day Out anymore.

I had a lot of fun at the event this year. I took all my new glass and I took an extremely absurd amount of photos. I don't know how long it's going to take to compile into a gallery for the site but it will definitely happen sometime, just like the 2007 ones I haven't finished sorting through yet. *cough*

: Clipsal 500 2008 - Day 3

February 23 2008

Much like yesterday, today was very long and exhausting, but at least the weather was better than the scorching hot/icy wet weather of Friday. The typical photo theme for Saturday is the women of Clipsal 500, and this year I'm featuring some of the XXXX Angels. These girls walk around the trackside areas and perform dance routines on the catwalk behind the pit straight.

Whenever I post Clipsal photo updates or galleries on the site, the women of Clipsal always seem to get the most requests and comments from Pants visitors. When the 2008 galleries go up (and yes, the 2007 gallery is still being worked on...), there will be a range of coverage from the official Clipsal 500 grid girls, the XXXX Angels, swimwear parade models and much more...

Time permitting, there might also be a few car photos in the gallery too.
It is a motorsport event, after all... :P

And although you don't even know who I am, I hope you had a happy birthday today Jelena... :)

: Clipsal 500 2008 - Day 2

February 22 2008

Today was very long & exhausting, so I'm just going to post a photo now & fill in the words later. Today's theme is in-between-race entertainment. :)

The aircraft displays weren't on today because of the sketchy weather and the swimwear parades will start tomorrow (I hope), so that leaves the good 'ol stunt motorcyclists to fill the void today...

: Clipsal 500 2008 - Day 1

February 21 2008

It's that time of year again...

Normally held in March, this years Clipsal 500 is being held a few weeks earlier in February instead. Today was the first day and hence what's become Pants tradition — see 2007, 2006, 2005 or 2004. Following this traditional routine, this morning I headed down to the track with an excessive amount of camera gear and tonight I return with one measely picture to post here:

The theme for each day's photo follows a pattern, and the Thursday theme is always a randomly selected classy piece of automobile shot. This year the subject is the beautiful Lamborghini Murciélago LP 640 which I was so very very tempted to steal. This $700,000+ piece of automobile was on display as part of a collection of exotic supercars at the Clipsal 500 this year.

Although there were only about 10-12 cars in this exhibition, it worked out to roughly $22-million on show and featured a handful of other Lamborghinis, a few Ferraris as well as the stupidly expensive Bugatti Veyron and the stupidly expensive fugly Pagani Zonda. It's really a great showcase and I'll be revisiting that area of the track over the next three days for more photos.

Provided my computer doesn't explode spectacularly (like it did last year), I will be back tomorrow with the next photo installment.

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