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News Archives - March 2004

: Clipsal 500 - Day 4

March 21 2004

Stupid Adelaide weather. The sky has been completely devoid of any clouds for the past four days, which has made my usual habit of taking sky/cloudshots a tad bit repetitive.

Today's theme is upward photography. No cloud shots here but that doesn't mean there's nothing interesting going on up there.

Today's race was very good. A deserving win by Marcos Ambrose, plus plenty of action on and off the track throughout the day. My only complaint would be the bunch of drunken Ford fans near where I was seated. Holden vs. Ford politics aside, they were acting like complete tools both today and yesterday...

This news post concludes the daily photography updates for now. A web gallery of my favorite Clipsal pictures could be ready within the week, weather permitting. :)

: Clipsal 500 - Day 3

March 20 2004

The cavalcade of crappy photos continue. I hope it rains tomorrow for the big race.
Today's theme is (stealthy) spectator appreciation photography.

There's a noticable distinction between this and plain-old spectator appreciation photography. Since I often lack the courage (and/or desire) to approach people to take photos of them, I've began to train myself to become a super-secret ninja photographer. Instead of making the subject self-conscious or avoiding the arguing/questioning of 'Why do you want my photo?', I'm slowly but surely mastering the art of invisible photography.

Although I haven't had much real world experience in non-stealth random person photoshoots, it is something I'd like to try (err, want to try - I probably won't enjoy it...). Perhaps I'll try the 'do you mind if I take your photo?' approach at tomorrow's Clipsal and see if all my ninja training is simply wasted on a non-issue.

I've noticed in the batch of photos I shot today that (purely by coincidence) there are many pictures that could've easily fit into yesterday's website theme, which was camera photography. Here's a follow-up selection from today's photos for yesterday's theme:

: Clipsal 500 - Day 2

March 19 2004

Today I met some of Australian Motorsport's greats. Mark Scaife, Dick Johnson, Craig Lowndes, Lenny Perkins, and ah... you know, that other guy...

Today's theme is camera photography. I was *this* close to calling it photography photography.

And now for a special photogrcamera photography flashback to January this year at the Big Day Out. The guy in the distance on the right with the navy blue bucket hat was the intended subject of the photo. Not my photo, obviously; I mean the other camera's subject...

: Clipsal 500 - Day 1

March 18 2004

I'll be off to the Clipsal 500 for the next four days. There probably will be proper image galleries going up on the website after the event is over, but I think I'll post a few pics each day to show what sort of stuff might be expected (aside from the usual motor vehicle shots)...

Today's theme is abstract photography.

: It's not a gazebo

March 16 2004

Someone kindly sponsored a ticket for me yesterday for the Placebo concert at the Thebby.

Supporting act Elbow was quite entertaining. They were described to me a 'modern-day Peter Gabriel', but after I discovered that The King loves them I expressed a sigh of relief and everything turned out well. With the main act, surprisingly Placebo lead-singer Brian Molko wasn't wearing a dress for this Adelaide performance. I had heard of many occasions where he has worn skirts (no, not kilts) when he is performing. Not this time, I guess.

My only musical highlight from the night would have to be Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt.1 by the Flaming Lips, played during the intermission. Cruel, I know, but it's the truth. If I had to pick a musical highlight from the actual headlining artist, ironically it wouldn't even be one of their own songs.

The Placebo music highlight of the concert was their cover of the Pixie's song "Where is my mind". Brilliant song and not a bad rendition by Brian Milkman & gang... For you uncultured space-monkeys out there, this is the song from the closing-credits of Fight Club. The defining visual highlight from the evening easily would've been Brian Midget's nipple.

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