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News Archives - March 2005

: Clipsal 500 2005 - Day 4

March 20 2005

Final day of the 2005 Clipsal 500 was a hot & long day but definitely well worth it, with today's record crowd of 82,000 fans pushing the four-day attendance over 255,000. Leading the pack from the start was Marcos Ambrose who won the race again today, with Craig "Smiley" Lowndes & Holden's Mark Scaife claiming second and third despite both starting at the back of the grid.

I will be posting a gallery of my favourite Clipsal pics (just like I did last year) once I have sorted through all the shots I have. Over the last four days I've taken 970 photos with my Canon EOS 20D, totalling slightly over 8.1gb of images. There's a lot of stuff to sort through!

I'm hoping I'll have a gallery up here in the next few weeks, but I think I also need to organise some more storage space on the Pants webserver soon too...

: Clipsal 500 2005 - Day 3

March 19 2005

Day number 3; Marcos Ambrose wins the Saturday race, with Ford taking out the top three spots. Based on the number of laps it did today, the Safety Car wouldn't have been too far off the pace. Today's pic:

Well don't look at me like that, I was just following the instructions... :)

: Clipsal 500 2005 - Day 2

March 18 2005

Day number 2; the V8 Supercars took their first laps around the Adelaide circuit with warmups and qualifying sessions today... It was a bit warmer out there today too, a cloudless blue sky.

Today's photo is a mini tribute to the stunt motorcyclists that entertain the crowds in-between the races. Imagine a motorbike travelling down the main pit straight at 50kph. The driver is not sitting but standing on the seat of the bike as it's in motion, and to top it all off, he is making comedic arm movements to pretend that he's jogging! Hard to explain - you had to be there...

: Clipsal 500 2005 - Day 1

March 17 2005

I plan to post a very brief update after each day of Clipsal along with a pic or two from my travels... This would be Thursday's update, the first day of the 2005 Clipsal 500...:

Boy, that Ferrari sure does look nice... :)

: Vroom

March 16 2005

For the next four days I will be at the Clipsal 500 enjoying the sights, sounds, and above-all, the smell of gasoline & burning rubber. Over these four days, I will be hauling around my shiny new camera so I expect there will be a couple of decent photos for me to post up on Pants after the event. This year I'll be attempting to make a few more panoramas, because I think the one I did last year turned out pretty damn cool if I do say so myself...

To check out last year's panorama, along with a selection of my other photos from the 2004 Clipsal 500 event, click here.

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