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News Archives - March 2007

: Clipsal 500 2007 - Day 4

"March 4 2007"

After a win by his brother Rick yesterday Todd Kelly won today's race, claiming another win for Holden. Just like every other year, here is a photo I took of the winner of the Sunday race:

And with that the Clipsal 500 event has ended for another year, but I still have the arduous task of sorting through all my photos to prepare the Pants Clipsal 500 2007 photo gallery.

I had a lot of fun this year and (from a photographic perspective) I am extremely happy with my coverage of this year's event. It was a good opportunity to try out some new camera equipment and techniques, but my only problem now is sorting through the thousands of photos and condensing it all down into a neat, brief overview of the whole event for the website.

Stay tuned to the website, because the 2007 Clipsal gallery will be up eventually. My half-joking extrapolation from last year that the '07 gallery might take 8 months to prepare is actually starting to look scarily accurate, considering the 2 month delay I've experienced already thanks to my PC exploding. We'll see what happens though; hopefully it won't take that long...

: Clipsal 500 2007 - Day 3

"March 3 2007"

Day 3, and Rick Kelly won the first main race for the Holden fans.
Saturday's photo theme is the women of Clipsal 500 — this shot shows a bunch of the official grid girls at one of the autograph signing sessions held around the track...

This year, the Clipsal grid girls went back to basics with simple chequered patterns and cowboy hats (in contrast to the Wonder Woman outfits of last year). It was good to see some of the regular girls back again (like Jessica Sziller, above), but there were also plenty of new faces to mix things up a bit.

One incredibly strange omission from this year's event was the lack of the Bartercard Girl competition, where local Adelaidians compete to become SA's swimwear-wearing representative as the V8 teams travel from city to city throughout the year. The Miss V8 competition was one of the more popular sections of my coverage of last year's event, and it's disappointing that it didn't happen in '07.

There will still be plenty of grid girl and swimwear show stuff to show in the 2007 gallery when I organise everything, so not all is lost...

: Clipsal 500 2007 - Day 2

"March 2 2007"

Oh boy, this is one very late update... :(

My second day of Clipsal 500 2007 didn't get off to the best start — not only did I spill my breakfast all over me and my foot started to get really fat and hurty just like old times, but my much-loved computer decided to blow itself up. All this before I even left the house...!

Although the day at Clipsal itself was fine and I got a lot of good use out of my camera gear, the death of my PC meant that I was seriously out of commission for about 7 weeks. No emails, no photo development, no Nanaca Crash, no Pants updates, nothing... Although dated as March 2nd, this update (and the two above) have taken almost 2 months to make it onto the website.

Things are starting to get back on track though, so I'll continue these daily Clipsal photo updates posthumously, just as I would've done if my machine didn't kill itself spectacularly when it did.

Following the precedent set from previous years, the Friday photo theme is in-between-race entertainment. The Clipsal 500 is always a well organised event, so there's always plenty to do even when the races aren't on. You could go to the V8 paddocks and watch Dean Canto eat a banana, studiously watch the cable-driven camera zip up and down pit straight or be distracted by any number of other happenings around (or above) the track.

I have photos of all of the things I've mentioned, I thought I'd stick to the 'normal' stuff today. Occasional Pants reader and mad aircraft buff Morty will be able to recognise this aircraft just from the silhouette, but all I know is that it was bloody loud and flies way too fast.


: Clipsal 500 2007 - Day 1

March 1 2007

One day of Clipsal 500 down, three more to go...
Looking back on the daily summaries from previous years, it seems I've started a trend whereby each day's photo needs to match a certain theme or criteria. My previously established theme for Clipsal Thursday is a random classy piece of automobile pic, so I'll stick with that theme here for today.

Although there's a very strong temptation to post a picture (or ten) of one of the many Ferarri cars I've stalked seen today, I thought I'd pick something a little less predictable. The shot above was taken in an area behind pit straight, where lots of other muscle cars were on show...

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