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"March 12 2008"

Contains nipples.

I've been running this website here for over 5 years now and quite often when I mention it to people, I get questions asking "What's the point?" or similar. I don't really know how to answer those sorts of questions — to me, Pants was simply just a place where I can dump my random thoughts and stupid photos, but that sometimes doesn't make a lot of sense to some people.

But all this may have changed if last month is anything to go by. You see, a senior photo editor of ZOO Weekly magazine somehow stumbled across my website and approached me to see if they could publish some of my photos in their publication. I'd never read ZOO before but I said "Go for it", gave them what they were asking for and there you go, some of my stuff was published in Issue 105 last week in a hard-hitting showcase of journalism in an article titled Kids TV Babes Stripped. And when I say "article", I of course mean "pictorial", because I suspect the typical ZOO reader is more interested in boobies than words with more than two syllables.

So now a few of my photos are taking up nearly a whole page and my name and website address is in really tiny vertical print on the side of a following page of a magazine targeted at misogynistic idiots and boys too young to Google for pictures of breasts.

So because I'm here expressing distaste at this stupid publication*, why did I say yes to being published? Exposure is good basically, and I can now (legitimately) say I am a published freelance photographer. I could go on and on about various readership stats (ZOO has over 122,000 subscribers each week, the parent company ACP Magazines are Australia's largest publisher, selling 3 mags every second, etc...), but it doesn't really mean anything anyway.

The most important thing that's come out of this is not getting bragging rights or getting published or even having my name mentioned alongside Getty Images without the words "restraining" and "order" contained in the same sentence. The biggest reward I've gotten out of this is more of an intellectual or mental thing — it's the mere thought that because someone at ZOO managed to find my website while searching for boobies, that just gives me hope that someone like Ana Ivanovic or Yumiko Udo or Trent Rizzle will find my site while Googling themselves, and then subsequently profess their undying love for me.

Here's hoping... :)

* Seriously guys, love your work. Let me know if you need some more of my stuff... :P

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