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: You Do The Math

April 18 2005

For years I've been hanging out for the next release by industrialist extraordinaire Trent Reznor, the man behind Nine Inch Nails. He's been mentioned here numerous times on Pants, but one of the more interesting updates was the starchy announcement last year of a curiously cheesy addition to the regular Nine Inch Nails line-up as Trent continued work on the project.

Half a year has passed since Reznor & Dave Grohl first joined forces and the resulting album, titled With Teeth is due to be released shortly. From what I have heard so far (cough), there is no doubt in my mind that despite being six years since his last studio album, Trent still knows what he is doing. And I'm very thankful for that too, considering he makes my Pants Three list.

Expect a review of With Teeth to appear on Pants after the album is released sometime next month. I think it's about time I brush the dust off of the Graphomatic™ at the same time, considering that my review of Delta Goodrem's Mistaken Identity album is well overdue...!

: Incredible Feat Feet Of Strength

April 14 2005

I do a lot of walking. I walk great distances to & from work everyday, plus I'm constantly pacing back & forth in my spare time, trying to think of something that justifies the purpose of this damn website (to no avail, might I add...). I've estimated that I do atleast 2 hours of 'solid' (non-stop) walking every day, plus I'm always on my feet at work moving stuff around or otherwise trying to look busy. *ahem*

Despite this, and the fact that I am a fast walker, I've got the most comfortable pair of Nikes in the world (they feel like I'm wearing slippers!) so all this walking hasn't been a problem.
Until last week, that is...

On the Wednesday of last week, I felt a bit of pain in my right foot after walking to work. I figured it was just a small rock or pebble or something wedged in my shoes, but I couldn't see anything there so I continued the day's mundane duties with a small amount of discomfort. The trend continued in the following days, only leading up to the weekend my foot began to get quite swollen in size and started to bruise.

Yesterday morning I decided to go to the hospital because I could actually feel something jutting out the top of my foot, I thought it might be a broken bone or something. It was painful to put any sort of pressure on my foot, let alone walk on it.

The doctor's initial thoughts after looking at my foot was that I had broken (or had stress fractured) my 2nd/3rd metatarsal, but it took three x-rays to confirm that I did not have any broken bones, much to the doctor's (and my) surprise.

Instead of the bones being damaged, they say it must've been soft tissue damage near the metatarsal pads (the balls of your feet), which causes an amount of strain to be put on bones that normally wouldn't handle such weight.

So now I've got a few days off work but I'm kinda bummed because I was hoping for something a bit more dramatic than tissue damage. I didn't even hurt myself by doing something stupid, just by doing lots & lots of walking... God damn it.


: Improper Spending

April 6 2005

They suggest that a picture says a thousand words...:

...but this little puppy can now hold 60gb of my "entirely legitimate" music collection. Yeehah!

And although you don't even know who I am, I hope you had a happy birthday today Vanz™. :)
The same goes to Doogs, I hope you had a happy birthday 193 days ago. I didn't forget... :P

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