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News Archives - May 2005

: The Incredible Ever-Expanding Pants

May 31 2005

The Pants Network and its affiliates have now found a new home in cyberspace.

As a follow-up to my previous update below, the domain's primary and secondary nameservers have been moved from the old provider to the new, which means that certain visitors may experience a few hiccups when visiting this site or the forum in the next few days. After the domain changes update throughout the world's domain databases, everything will be fine.

Current website status:
You are currently viewing this site at the new location. Good job fella!

Two years ago all that was here was a placeholder page with some words saying "Coming Soon". Eventually I found enough motivation to put some other crap on here, rambling about Britney and my various (yet rare) outings and again some more stuff about Britney.

The last 9-or-so months is when the site really picked up though; I tried to ensure my updates were delivered a bit more consistently (both in time and in content), the forum surpassed 10,000 messages and I finally started to present some of the other stuff I spend time doing. The website had reached the stage where it had outgrown my (then-)current host; monthly bandwidth was becoming an issue and I had simply run out of storage space on the server!

That brings me to where we are today, the new Pants Network server. My ongoing penchant for hoarding hard-drives has given me almost 5gb of online storage to work with now, which means that some exciting new stuff is bound to happen here sooner or later...

Here are just some of the things you can expect to see on Pants in the near-ish future:

  • I'll finally post up my photo gallery from this years Clipsal 500. That should keep a lot of people quiet... :/
  • More of my old vector projects appear in the Pixels area.
  • Mysterious new domains and subdomains start appearing. Muahar.
  • Global domination, more evil laughs.
  • Plenty of excuses explaining why I haven't done any of the above yet...

: Pants Is Moving

May 25 2005

Horrible news everyone -- within the next week or two, the Pants Network may disappear off the face of the internet!
Unfortunately for most, this occasion will only be a temporary one, lasting a few days at the absolute most...

The reason for the magic act?
It's that time of year again when my domain renewal is due, and this year I've decided to go down a different path with registrars & hosting. This means that in the couple of days after I make the switch, certain internet providers may not yet know that Pants has moved and will just return an error.

The transition should be transparent to most visitors, but the new DNS details take a while to propagate to certain ISPs.

The potential outages affect Pants as well as the forum, Tight.Pants and my mail server. Enjoy it while it lasts... :)

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