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: NinchCON 2005

June 28 2005

First you get the money, then you get the tickets, then you get the womens, then you get the power... No wait, is it power then the womens? Anyway.

As you can see, I've got a few tickets handy for the upcoming Nine Inch Nails concert in Melbourne later this year. All I need now is a few people to come with me.

If there's any people out there who'd like to check out Starchboy in the flesh and you think you're somehow deserving of a ticket, you know how to get in touch with me... :P

: OMG n00bcannon wallhaxor!!!11one

June 6 2005

This game is rigged, and I feel cheated...

No, I'm not talking about bloody Counterstrike or The New Price Is Right with Larry Emdur™, I'm talking about the recent Miss Universe 2005 contest, hosted this year in Bangkok, Thailand.

Don't get me wrong; while I understand entirely the importance of the Miss Universe contest, I feel that it's about time someone spoke up about how the whole thing is such an obvious sham. Obviously without this annual contest the world would be without some of the 21st-century's greatest inventions (such as velcro or Selleys® No More Gaps), plus contestants efforts to solve world hunger and maintain world peace have certainly not gone un-noticed.

My problem doesn't lie with the Miss Universe contest itself or any of the entrants, merely the poor choice of the winning delegate. Last year of course was Australia's own Jennifer Hawkins, who has since moved on to bigger and better things like hosting fluffy advertorial TV shows and forgetting to dress properly. This year's Aussie, Michelle Guy had no chance of winning but I personally thought the same of Canadian entrant Natalie Glebova.

The Canuck ended up winning this year's contest however, which is what reminded me of how rigged this competition is. Not intending to sound rude, but there's something about Ms. Glebova that screams out "attention whore" to me (it might be the hat...), plus there are plenty of other more deserving Canadians out there that could've easily taken the title without using bribes. How about Avril Lavigne, for example...?

As much as I love Canada, they rate second place out of the two countries I admire. Number one on my list, (hence who should be the true winning country of the contest) is Japan.

I could never really put my finger on it, but I think my fascination with Japan & its people is because they seem to radiate this aura of sweetness, happiness and energy. In contrast to the rest of the world, where the vast majority of people have this 'fatigued' radiation about them, plus everyone seems to look the same after a while...

If Japan were to have won this year, Yukari Kuzuya might've taken the crown home but several other Japanese women are far more deserving of the Miss Universe title in my opinion.

One of the obvious choices would be famous actress and author, Mayuko Takata, most commonly known for her frequent appearances and expert commentary on Iron Chef, a show I've mentioned many times here on Pants.

Another nominee would be news anchorwoman Yumiko Udo, whom I've only just discovered since I started watching NHK News 10 via SBS Digital 2. Sporting an impressive resume, Yumiko brings an enthusiasm to news presenting that has to be seen to be believed. What a host!

Both of these fine specimens of women deserve the Miss Universe crown; I could go on but I'm running out of space...

Pants is back... Discuss! :)

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