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News Archives - August 2004

: A wet patch on my Pants

August 30 2004

Ten months after this site first had something that resembled 'content', & after almost-constant harassment and plenty of prank calls, the Pants Network website finally has an About page.

The section, entitled Who/What Is Pants? (or, if you say it really fast, "Who wet his pants?"...) is a place where you can find out all the nitty-gritty details about the site and the person responsible for it all. Included at the moment is some basic info on myself and why I'm messed up in the head (yes, Britney gets a mention or two...), among other things.

More importantly there is a section where you can send through questions about me, the site, or anything really, and I'll post my answers up here. I'm not one that likes talking about myself much (which is why it's taken so long to start this section of the site), so I'm hoping most of the questions I get fall into the anything else category. Stuff like "Why is cheese so damn tasty?". :)

This update brings the Pants Network website up to v0.85. All I need to do now is put all the archives of my weekly erotic newsletter online, then I think I'm just about done with this place.

Then again, probably not...

: Head like a Grohl

August 29 2004

I know I've talked about this guy before (see April archives...), but I think I need to mention Trent Reznor again after reading this interesting snippet of news from his website:

Yes, those three magic words: "Enter Dave Grohl". This is good news...

Known mainly for his drumming work in albums from Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age, Dave "Lamb Chop" Grohl also has a part-time job fighting foo whenever an opportunity presents itself. Undoubtedly his unique passion for stinky cheese is what sets him apart from all the other drummers in the music industry; his main competition would be Metallica's Lars Ulrich who has his imaginative facials, and Meg White, who is forced to work with a stupid talentless turd.

The unstoppable combination of stinky cheese and corn starch makes me even more excited about the next Nine Inch Nails album. I have no doubt this would've delayed the release of the album even further until 2005 some time, but it should be worth the wait. All these delays are just a tad bit ironic though, the fact that Trent is spending an obscene amount of time trying to perfect the "raw and imperfect" sound he's aiming for with Bleedthrough. Get a move on man!

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