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News Archives - September 2004

: Sweet Amber

September 10 2004

After a few months of getting other stuff organised for the site, I'm now spending a bit of time going through the archives of my creative artwork projects and getting things ready to publish here on the site.

There'll probably be another couple of galleries going up here in the next month or so, but there's been one update already in the Vector section of Pixels.

Given the codename of "Amber", this is one of the last projects I had worked on before I went into an uncontrollably mad Pants update spree in June 2004. The gallery contains an almost step-by-step progression of the project so far, providing images and words spanning from the original planning stages through to mid-development and even the occasional experiment-gone-wrong moment.

Check out the Amber gallery now, or wait a few weeks and I might have some other stuff ready for you to laugh at...

: Plug In Thebby

September 8 2004

Ahhh, there's nothing like the feeling of getting hot & sweaty with a few of your closest friends and a couple hundred very close strangers...

A generous Pants Network reader kindly donated a ticket to me for yesterday's Muse concert at the Thebarton Theatre, probably in an attempt to distract me from the current stream of Pants updates... I knew the distraction wouldn't work but I took the ticket anyway, suckers...

The supporting act:
The tickets only said "with special guests" without naming names. We had missed the band's introduction, but a nearby crowd member was 'informative' enough to suggest the name Devo. Thankfully the band looked & sounded nothing like Devo, infact actually being quite enjoyable. Especially the bass player, presenting a range of vivid fish impersonations using only his face.

The intermission:
My past Thebby reviews included a few comments on the intermission music, and this one's no different. Highlights include the Beastie Boys' Intergalactic and Feel Good Hit Of The Summer by the Queens Of The Stone Age. This whole experience was very reminiscent of the Queens concert back in January, which was also at the Thebby and also featured music by Devo...

The main event:
The Muse boys did some very good stuff. Their performance at this year's Big Day Out was absolutely exceptional and I enjoyed yesterday's performance just as much, though the difference in venue makes it hard to decide which was the better of the two. The Thebby being a closer, more personal experience, but their outdoor BDO set sounding a bit better from a technical standpoint (ie. speaker setups, mixing balance, etc.). Nothing major though...

Personal song highlights from their set include Time Is Running Out, Hysteria and the Radiohead-ish Ruled By Secrecy, but it was pretty damn great all the way through.
Remember- I'm still accepting free concert tickets, people... :)

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