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News Archives - October 2006

: Filling In The Blanks

October 29 2006

Although I started this year with an avalanche of updates on Pants, the pace has slowed down to about one a month now that I'm back at work. I don't know if my job is entirely to blame for this, but the fact that there haven't been many really noteworthy (or whingeworthy) happenings in the past couple of months has something to do with it too...

I haven't been too concerned though, because I know that the majority of people visiting my site aren't here checking for new updates — according to my referral logs, most visitors are here to either learn how to burn hentai compilations using Nero or far more commonly, to check the latest fashion trends of (ie. perv at) teenage lesbian schoolgirls, sporting superstars (good for tennis) and/or random women in bikinis.

In terms of site updates, hopefully I'll be able to pick up the pace a little before the end of the year. Aside from this excuse-laden semi-apologetic spiel on the front page, my only other contribution to the website this month can be found in the Pixels section of the site.

Since I last pimped this area of my site, here's what has changed...:

  • A few projects have been added to the vector section, including high-res downloads and technical/production notes.
  • The raster section has opened at long last. There's not much there yet but I need to start preparing myself for ridicule if I'm going to post some of the crap I've produced... :)
  • The tools section has been made-over and now has a whole page to itself.
    Don't worry; despite the page being called "Tools", Rove McManus is nowhere to be seen.

I still have plans for a lot more stuff to go into the various Pixels pages, including some newer photography stuff and more of my vector projects, but I just need to find the time to sort through everything... You can take a look now though, because there's still some new stuff that you probably haven't seen before... :)

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