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: Unexpected Christmas Presence

December 25 2007

Dear Pants readers,
If your religious beliefs allow you to do so, I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year. At the very least, enjoy the holiday break... That's what I plan on doing.

There are a lot of different ways people around the world celebrate the Christmas holiday — many people show the spirit of peace and love, sharing presents and warm sentiments with loved ones, others spend it eating/drinking/crying/sleeping (although not necessarily in that order), and some like to spend Christmas upside-down in a septic tank.
Each to their own, I guess...

My holiday break so far has included a little bit of everything I've just mentioned above, but I'm appreciative of the festive break nonetheless. You may have noticed a distinct lack of site updates this year — this was a consequence of:

  • New gig
    At the start of 2007 I found myself a new job, entering the *cough* very exciting world of corporate IT. Now instead of fielding questions about whether crappy entry-level laptops will play The Sims acceptably for Little Timmy™, I'm now acting as a backbone for the IT purchases of several multi-million dollar enterprise units. Despite this move, I still get to feed my stationery fetish by stealing lots of office supplies. :)
  • New rig
    About the same time as I changed jobs (and at the start of what's normally update crunchtime for Pants), my computer decided to essplode in fairly spectacular fashion. It took me about two months to rebuild my computer to the specs I need (2.5tb+ of HDD storage :), but I'm still hurting from the judgement fault I made when I installed Windows Vista. My photo/website workflow is now almost back to how it was pre-'splosion, sniff...
  • Something else that ends in -ig
    There's been a lot of other miscellaneous things and personal crap that have taken up my spare time this year as well. I think I can use work as the biggest scapegoat for lack of site updates this year though, because as well as being a very sexy and attractive job, it's also extremely draining (mentally) on me. So when/if I get home after a long day at the office, I don't really have much energy or time to put into the site.

So there you have it, the first Pants update in five months is full of excuses as to why there haven't been any other updates. Kinda ironic, but that's what you get sometimes...

I'd like to promise that 2008 will be better but I'm not too sure at the moment. I do have a few updates cooking right now but if they aren't ready within the next week or two (before I get back to work), I have no idea when they'll see the light of day. :D

Aaaaaanyway, Merry Christmas folks!

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